Cincinnatis New Reality TV Show "Queen City"

Well damn, Cincinnati got another new reality TV show. This time it's not a national show, it's all local shoot and produced right here in Cincinnati.
Let's get to the real meat of things. What is the show about? Well the show is called "Queen City" is about four hot chicks doing their slutty shit around Cincinnati.
So lets meet our stars.
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Tracey Conrad “is a thirty something who lives in a penthouse loft in downtown. Her life revolves around her 10 year old daughter, Morio her husband, and her new charity venture The Young Philanthropist Society of Cincinnati. Tracey is at the social center of Cincinnati.”

 Katie Cassidy “comes from a very high profile family in the Cincinnati area. Both of her parents are active in local charities and the arts. Katie is trying to get out from under the shadow of her very powerful father by making her own name in Cincinnati. She is very active in raising money for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and other local charities. Katie is bubbly, has great wit and warm charm but never underestimate her as a ‘dumb blonde.’ ”
Katie Cassidy

Adhrucia Apana “is Tracey’s best friend. She is a very media savvy woman in her mid 20’s. She lived in LA working at an ad agency, runs her own marketing company and moonlights as the wine rep to the stars in Cincinnati. Adhrucia, along with Tracey, is a FOX network VIP. She uses her social media contacts to help promote FOX programming. She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where she was homecoming queen. While she certainly looks up to Tracey she is extremely independent and is searching for that one thing to call her own.”
Adhrucia Apana

 Lauren Brown “is a fun loving Executive Chef downtown Cincinnati. While she is Katie’s best gal pal, she also is the daughter of a very influential person in the restaurant industry. Her dad, Richard Brown, was at onetime the maitre’d of the only 5-star restaurant in Cincinnati, the former Maisonette.
Lauren Brown (left)
I'll admit these broads are pretty damn cute. But I ain't gonna judge until they open their mouth and start talking. Because no matter how hot someone is, if they open their mouth and starts yapping and bitching it becomes really annoying and the hotness factor doesn't even matter anymore.
So lets ask the real important question now. Who is the hottest of the four? For me it's between Tracey and Katie.

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