The Leadoff Dilemma

Finally the Reds get a series win since they swept the Dodgers. Will this series win against the Rays start a run for the Reds, who takes on the Cleveland Indians starting tonight.
But the bigger question might be who will Dusty Baker pick as the leadoff hitter?
Twitter is on fire every time Drew Stubbs steps up to the plate. But Dusty knows he can't take Stubbs out of the game because he is one of the best CF in the game. So that leaves Fred Lewis, Chris Heisey or Jonny Gomes as the lead off hitter. All three have produced very well given the chance.
To be fair, I think Dusty needs to go against his conventional wisdom. And he needs to put Heisey in CF and put Lewis in LF. I don't want to say send Stubbs to AAA until he figures out how to make contact with the ball. But sometimes it just needs to be done. He is a career .257 batter, and that is not leadoff quality.