Bengals vs. Steelers re-cap Week 10

If you ain't drinking that orange Who Dey cool aid yet, you better start soon. On this God given Sunday, the boys from Cincinnati had a bigger pair of nuts and they were busting through the steel curtain. I loved the swagger the defense brings to the field every time, Brandon Johnson that brother was out of control in this game. It seemed like they were calling his name left and right.
When Odom went out, I started to wonder where the sacks where the sacks gonna come from. I knew Michael Johnson was a freak at Georgia Tech, but I wasn't sure he could step it up in his rookie year, but what do I know, every time he's on the field he's making plays. Which leads me to my next point, this year more than any other year since 1997 we have a defense that is physical and fast and we also have depth at every single position, from coroner backs to defensive tackles.
Unless the Earth stops spinning, I cant see why this team wont make the play-offs, the only real question is can they win enough games to get a bye in the first round.
Bengals 18 - Steelers 12