Comparing Andy Dalton To Other NFL Rookie QB's

So I'm sitting here thinking if the Bengals drafted the right QB in Andy Dalton instead of some other big names like Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Mallett and even Cam Newton.

So here are the stats after four pre-season games.

Cam Newton

Blaine Gabbert

Christian Ponder

Jake Locker

Ryan Mallett

Andy Dalton

The only person I really can compare Andy Dalton stats to is Cam Newton because, only those two started every single preseason game. Which means they both started against first team defense instead of second and thirds string defense like some other rookie QB's faced. Andy went 36 of 60 for 328 yards with 3 INT and 1 TD with a passer rating of 59.6. Even though those are not great numbers, I think looking at the circumstance it's safe to assume he did better than some of the other rookie QB's around the league. And for right now, it looks like Dalton was the right pick.