In Which Conference Will Cincinnati Bearcats Land?

We have all found out by now that Pitt and Syracuse have bolted for the ACC. Which leaves Big East with six football schools and 14 basketball schools. Now rumors has it that UConn also wants leave for the ACC. Which probably means the end of Big East as a BCS conference.

So if UConn does bolt where does that leave schools like Louisville, Cincinnati, West Virginia, Rutgers, and South Florida?

Well there are two options, first TCU is coming on board so that takes Big East back to six schools and they can go out and get  Central Florida, Southern Methodist University or even University of Houston.
The second option is to merge with the left over Big 12 schools that is if Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech leaves for Pac 12 and SEC. That would leave Oklahoma St., Missouri, Baylor, Kansas, Texas A&M, Kansas St., and Iowa St.. But Oklahoma St. will follow where Oklahoma goes. Still, the left over schools from Big 12 and Big East merger would create a pretty strong conference both in basketball and football.

The one thing the Big East need to address is the non football schools in the conference. The Best option might be for Big East to split into two conferences. One for all the schools that play Div 1 football and the other for non Div 1 football schools.

This whole Big East drama would not happened if the leadership at Big East reacted first and became more pro-active and dealt with the problems it was facing.