Indianapolis Colts vs Cincinnati Bengals Re-cap 9/1/2011

The final preseason looked like the final preseason game. Mostly it was unwatchable. The Bengals lost 17-13 to the Colts. But the biggest news might be the meeting that took place between the Bengals and Carson Palmer in late July. This is according to Joe Reedy.

The Good:
The good news is Andy Dalton looked like he might be able to survive his NFL rookie season. I don't think the game is way over his head. We also found out that Brad Gardowski (SP?) looked like he can play against the Colts second string defense. Again, the front four of the Bengals D looked like they could consistently put pressure on the opposing QB. The running game looked solid. That should be good news because it's going to be a run first, run second kind of team this year.
Rucker, M. Johnson, C. Peerman and few other players on both offense and defense and a very good preseason campaign.

The Bad:
Dan LeFlavor (SP?), he either needs to be cut or put on the practice squad. I can't see him taking up a roster spot. The return game still sucks, with the new kick off rules I don't think it will make a big difference this year.