Investigation Into Cincinnati Bengals Jerome Simpson And Anthony Collins

Just when I started to forgive Jerome Simpson for his drops vs. Broncos, he gets busted for some high grade marijuana stuff. Now I'm starting to wonder why he dropped all those passes.

All the details are not out yet, but I got a feeling, he's gonna be in trouble with the law and the NFL. So him starting next Sunday looks like a long long long fucking shot.

If you have been living under a rock, and didn't hear what went down. The news is, feds intercepted some high quality sticky icky stuff from California that was set to Jerome's house in Crestview Hills, KY.

"Cincinnati Bengals teammates Jerome Simpson and Anthony Collins, both 25, were at Simpson’s home in Crestview Hills, Ky., yesterday when a package allegedly containing 2.5 pounds of marijuana arrived at the house in what authorities called a controlled delivery.
A third person, Aleen Smith, allegedly signed for the package, which was sent from Eureka, Calif., and intercepted in Sacramento, authorities said.All three were questioned at the residence, but no arrests were made at the time.
Inside the home, police allegedly found six more pounds of marijuana, other empty parcels, scales and packaging material.
“The house was set up as a potential distribution network,” said Tommy LaNier, head of the National Marijuana Initiative, a group that is funded by the Office of National Drug Control Policy and helps coordinate marijuana enforcement operations around the United States.

Usually where there is smoke, there is fire. But I'm not gonna jump to conclusion and say he smoked weed and he was selling some stuff to make a living. But damn, it's his house, how does he not know if someone smoking or dealing marijuana in the house. That high quality stuff is stinky as a skunk.

Now news is that his twitter account is gone, and his website is down. So something is going down.

Now comes the bigger question. Who's gonna be the #2 starting WR against the 49ers?