Looking Forward: San Francisco 49ers vs Bengals Preview

The 1-1 49ers are coming to town to take on the 1-1 Bengals.

For the Bengals this another winnable game. But who know if they can pull off, with all the bad news that seems to coming. If have been living under a rock and didn't hear all the news, let me recap it for you.
Benson is suspend for three games and Jerome Simpson is under investiagion by the Feds for drug related charges. So two starters on offense is out.

But with Simpson most likely out, it will be up to Andre Cladwell to fill the void. Something tells me that Cladwell have a pretty good game. In all honesty, what has Simpson done in two games? He's had a couple of nice catches and whole lot of drops.

The Bengals have to watch out for Alex Smith, this is not the same QB that we have come to know. After two games he's got a 70% completion rate.

The Bengals offensive line needs to play well because the 49ers have a good defensive line and they have been able to pressure on the opposing QB with only the front four D-linemen.

The one player the Bengals needs to keep an eye on is Vernon Davis. How do you stop him? I don't know, maybe a whole lot of player and get to the QB really fast.

There are few players on each roster that knows the opponent pretty well. For the Niners, there are three former Bengals players, Ahmad Brooks, Madieu Williams, and Justin Smith. For the Bengals they have former Niners Manny Lawson, Nate Clements, Taylor Mays.

It should be an even matched game for the most part. Bot are average or below average teams.