Looking Forward: Bengals vs Broncos

The good news is Andy Dalton was full go in practice, so it's safe to assume he'll be ready for Sunday. If not, Gradkowski will get the start, after all he did bring the Bengals back for a win, even if it was on a fluke play.

For once there might be another team in the NFL that is more disorganized than the Bengals. So Sunday should present a great opportunity for the Bengals to start 2-0. Even though Kyle Orton is not getting much love from the Broncos fans, he is still a dangerous QB that can put up some numbers.

But if the Bengals defense can continue to put the pressure on Orton as they did on McCoy and have no turnover on offense, this should be a winnable game.

There is also a good chance Champ Bailey might not play, currently he's listed as questionable. The one play the Bengals need to keep an eye on is the No. 2 pick the draft in Von Miller.

I think the one place the Bengals have a clear advantage is at the line of scrimmage. As I was watching the MNF game (Raiders vs Broncos), it was evident the O-line and the D-line of the Broncos were being dominated by the Raiders.