Why Not Boise State To Big East?

I'm hearing all these news about how Navy and Air Force are the top choice for Big East football expansion. When I hear and read that, it makes my blood boil. What the hell can Navy and Air Force offer to a conference that is already weak in football? It's not like they those schools get the best athletes. I'd rather have ECU, SMU, UCF or even Houston as top choices.

But the one rumor I want to hear but I'm not hearing is Boise St. to Big East. If Big East can go out and invite Air Force that plays in the Mountain West Conference why not Boise St.? I don't think the distance should be a challenge because Big East already has accepted TCU, who is ready to move in 2012.

Boise is sure as hell better in football than any of the schools I mentioned above. I know academically, and other sports wise Boise St. is not on par with many Big East schools. But Big East can always do a football only invite and if Boise St. wants more, give it to them. Even with the departure of Pitt and Syracuse, Big East is still a strong basketball conference.

I have a feeling the Big East officials are just gonna sit back and wait, like they have been doing for the past decade when they lost Miami, Boston College and Virginia Tech.

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