San Francisco 49ers vs Cincinnati Bengals Recap 9/25/2011

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I watched the Bengals very first drive when they went 12 plays for 76 yards in 6 minutes and 16 seconds to get a field goal. Andy Dalton looked like he was going to have another solid start. Andre Cladwell looked like he was fitting in nicely at the no. 2 WR spot. After that first drive I was feeling pretty confident in the Bengals getting a win at home. So I decided to skip the rest of the game and go play some paint ball. I come back home 6 hours later and see the Bengals lost 13-8. WTF, was my first thought. That is such an ugly score line.

So after reading all the reviews and watching all the highlights, it was pretty evident it was an ugly, boring game. And in hindsight I was kind of happy I skipped the football game to go play paint ball.

It was a shame that the offense couldn't duplicate what they had done against the Browns or Broncos especially considering how the defense played. Alex Smith was sacked 5 times in this game. I don't even know the last time the Bengals front line put so much pressure on a QB. The 49ers didn't get on the board until the middle of the third quarter. The 49ers could only rack up 226 yards of total offense. Even with how badly the 49ers played, the Bengals found a way to lose the game.

If this was Andy Dalton's first game, I wouldn't of have been so surprised or upset. But this was his third game, maybe I got my hopes up too high considering how he played the previous two weeks. Maybe this was sobering reality check of how young and inexperienced the Bengals offense is. When you start three rookies and the play calling is done by a rookie offensive coordinator I guess it is normal to have days like this.

The one thing that continues to plague this offense is the inefficiencies on 3rd down. That was one of the main reasons they lost at Denver and it was the same reason they could not find an success against the 49ers.

Anyway, I like what Paul Daugherty had to say.
"Some games lend themselves to heavy analysis and lots of adjectives. This wasn’t one of those. The next time you curse a blacked-out Sunday, reflect on this blacked-out Sunday. That’ll stop you in your tracks."

Well if you want to live through the horse shit of a game that was played between the 49ers and Bengals.
Here is the highlight.