Bengals vs. Browns re-cap Week 12

Is it me or even with an 8-3 record and the sweep of the toughest division in AFC, we are still looked at as an underdog. Like Brian Kelly said at the end of the day all anyone care about is a win, and I agree, I wish we could hang 50 on the Browns but I'm not sweating it, especially when our defense is playing like its is. Every time I watch the game, there is one guy that keeps popping up every where and that dude is Brandon Johnson, that guy is ever where trying to make plays. Its gonna be tough to take him off the field when Rivers comes back from his injury.
Is it gonna be L. Johnson or C. Benson? I know everyone is talking about this subject, and if your sitting in section 312 at PBS I bet you cant tell the difference at who's running the ball. This shouldn't even be a subject, when Benson gets back its his to loose. LJ really has not done much yet, yea I know he rushed for over 100 against the Browns but we all know what the Browns are.