Bearcats Remains Unbeaten

I wonder how everyone around the Country feels about the ass whopping Illinois got today from the Bearcats. Are they thinking this is a good team worthy of a BCS National Championship game or do they think we have a good offense with an average Defense. Don't get me wrong I love watching this team and I feel like they will win every game they play. But I'm gonna call it like it is, we let a shitty Illinois team put 36 on us. That is not a champion ship caliber team, period. I don't care how good our offense is, if your defense cant hold, it's not going to matter much. Does the offense score too quickly, to the point where the defense is on the field more?
I was happy to see Pike back in action, going nuts on Illinois was fun to watch. I hope we put up some more huge numbers against Pitt next week. And we'll take all the style points we can get.
"I think Nebraska's going to beat Texas and we're going to beat Pittsburgh," Kelly said. "That's just the way I'm wired."
Love the attitude by Kelly, he would get my holidays off right if he just came out and said he is taking himself out of the ND job. I mean shit, who want to take the ND job anyway, its not the same position it was ten or fifteen years ago.