Bengals vs. Raiders re-cap Week 11

Holy crap what happened between the Bengals and the Raiders, that was one of the ugliest football game I have seen in a while. I don't even know where to begin, the worst division in the NFL beats up the best division. The only reason I'm not steaming mad is because Steelers lost today. It feels like each time we play a team, we only play up to the level of our opponent. It seems like we only do enough just to win the game (except the Bears game), why cant we put the game away by the end of the 3rd quarter? The inability to kill the game keeps coming back to haunt us in the end.
Coming off a big win at Steelers and then having to travel all the way to the West Coast, this was setting up to be the ultimate trap game. Damn Bruce Gradkowski, he does it to the Bengals again.
And what the hell is up with Andre Caldwell returning the kick off, when we have Bernard Scott and Cosby?
Bengals 17 - Raiders 20