Diaper Wearing Woman

"A Pennsylvania woman was awarded $150,000 in a discrimination suit claiming she had to wear diapers to work due to a lack of toilets. Lisa Drozdowski, 37, had to wear adult diapers while she was working as a flagger for the company in 2005 because officials refused to provide portable toilets. Drozdowski said her bathroom breaks, which involved walking a quarter mile to her car and driving several minutes to the nearest restroom, often came after she had already urinated on herself."

This is exactly the reason, you don't give females these types of job. But if you don't give them the job, they are just gonna turn around and sue you for discrimination. This story just pissed me off, I'm thinking if you can't do the job thats assigned to you, get out and don't comeback. Other wise keep wearing the diapers and shut your mouth or jump behind the bush.