Bengals vs. Ravens re-cap Week 9

Great sports weekend in Cincinnati, first the Bearcats squeak one out and on this great Sunday the Bengals do it again. Conquering AFC north like Genghis Khan. I thought the rematch was gonna be full of plays everywhere, but the only one making plays where the Bengals. Still perfect in AFC North, A 17-7 smash mouth win over the Baltimore. For some reason, I feel like the game was made closer than what the score displays. We were kicking ass on both sides of the line. But for some reason after the second fumble by Chad OchoCinco, I started to get a nervous feeling in my stomach.
Is this the year that the Bengals have depth at every position, it seems like it.
What the hells the matter with Jonathan Fanene, even my retarded dog knows that taking your helmet off would result in a penalty. Lucky for him it didn't result in a first down.
Don't care how much I hate the Ravens, I still take Ed Reed on my team any day, that dude is a baller.