Cincinnati Bearcats Squeeze One Out

From blowouts early in the season, to last minute games late in the season. Second straight week, Bearcats found itself needing an onside recovery to seal the deal.  Should I start to worry or should I just be happy that the Bearcats and still undefeated. 
With Pike coming in for red zone snaps, should we automatically assume that he will be the starter against Illinois? We all saw Zach Collaros make some terrible mistakes last night, which kept game close, if those turnovers were eliminated, I am pretty confident this would have been a run away game for the Bearcats.
When Pead fumbled while diving over the pile and stretching the ball toward the goal line, I think everyone at the bar said "oh fuck", no joke.
I am defiantly proud of these Bearcats, after winning close games against good opponents, I saw bring on the Big Ten and Pitt.

Quarterback Jarrett Brown, is a baller no doubt.