Huskies vs. Bearcats

Talk about the opening Big East play with a bang. These Huskies might not be good as the previous Huskies, but they are still very good. No one could of have asked for a better opening than what they got last night at Fifth Third Arena. Stephenson might not be John Wall, but he's still one of the best freshman players in the country. I still have no clue where this Bearcats team will end up, but if they got a a shot of making to the big dance, three wins over ranked teams early in the season has to help, I just hope they can keep up the pace with Rutgers in couple of days.
What was the biggest basket of the night? Was it Stephenson's winning free throws or Ibrahima Thomas dunk around the 17 second mark? I'll admit I don't know who the hell Ibrahima is but damn i'll take him. Surprised he got more playing time that Gates.