Re-Cap Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals

Ravens 10
Bengals 15

Those fans that called the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cincinnati Bungals still around for this week? Are you all back on the bandwagon again?
Let me get this off my chest, I feel like as long the Marvin Lewis is our coach, I don't think we will ever beat the Colts and the Patriots. I'm not sure why I think, that but that's the way I feel.

But as far as today's game against the Ravens go, the Bengals just put their foot down and finally put some pressure on the QB. See what happens when they get some pressure on the QB, 4 picks. Flacco 2 TD 8 INT in last 3 games vs the Bengals. With those kind of numbers, your not going to win man game even if you have a great defense.
I don't think I have ever been more happier about special teams than I have today. Mike Nugent and Kevin Huber were outstanding.

There are still couple of things I want gripe about, our third downs are always way too long, which leads to my second gripe, throw the freaking ball on first down some times. Stop with the same vanilla play calling.

Chad Ochocinco just had a bad,bad game. For WR is has too many penalties. As a wideout, I'm not even sure how you can have a false start, seriously stop it Chad.

And what is going on with Carson, I see his throws are short, high and behind just not on targer, I know he can put the ball on the money and I hope he come back to that same accuracy soon. I also, see decision making is couple of second late?

Great all around play by the D through out the game, but I still think we can improve on our pass rush. Michael Johnson, making a difference at DE, why is he not playing more?

Terrible fucking commentators on CBS for this game, calling Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, and if I'm not mistaken I think one of them called Cincinnati, Cleveland.

And at last I just want let the Bengals fans know that they need to STFU about not got getting a TD. Sure its frustrating, but take what ever points you can get as long as your leading. so relax and just enjoy your team.

PS. Someone said it was the Bengals 8 straight division wins. WOW how amazing is that, still no respect by the media.

Ps. Even this dude was tried.

Image: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
Stat: ESPN