UC vs North Carolina State

UC 19
NC State 30

Close to four hours of nothing but misery and agony. I was left speechless but at the same time, I was cursing a lot. Everyone that supports UC knew this season won't but as successful as the Brian Kelly era for obvious reason. But my God this was just down right awful. I don't need to look at the stats but I'm pretty sure we had more false starts and illegal formations combined than first downs.

Many people might not realize that we have ton of freshman and sophomore players on this team and there are going to be some growing pains, but this was ridiculous. It does not matter what level of football you play, you cannot have 8 penalties against you, that will just kill any kind of momentum you have as a team.
It's not like it's the first game of the season, its the third game and I was hoping some of those wrinkles would of have been ironed out by now.

Who do you criticize in the game, Butch Jones, Collaros, the O-Line the defense?
It's hard to pin point and blame anyone, but ultimately the blame has to  go to Coach Butch Jones, this is his team and he did not have his team prepared.

If Butch Jones does not figure out his offensive line problem, this will be a long and painful season. Because if you can't protect your quarterback, you are not going to win any game.

So lets all get on our knees and pray for Coach Butch Jones, pray that he some how miraculously figures out his O-Lines problem before the Sooners come to town.

Image via: (AP Photo/The News & Observer, Ethan Hyman)
Stat: ESPN