Second Rant about UC Bearcats vs N. Carolina State

I'm still in awe as to how we got our ass handed to us by the N.C. State.
Even after all the bad plays, the miss opportunities and the penalties I kept on watching like a good boy waiting for something magical to happened.

And finally that moment came, it was 3rd and 1in the 4th quarter, no matter what, we had to covert it and get a first down. So what where the calls, first they tried a QB sneak, then they tried to run the football, both failed miserably. So now I'm wondering what is the coaching staff sees that I'm not seeing? Everyone watching the game know our O-line cant block anyone, let alone create any type of gap for a running play.
It was just mind boggling. No reason to try and run the ball at that time, we had too much on the line at that time to prove that we can run the ball on N.C. State.

I'm no football expert, but I'm pretty sure that was a bad call from the coaching staff.
I honestly cannot figure out, how we stayed in this game until the very end of the fourth quarter. The score might of have bee 30-19 but it felt more like 40-0.

I urge all the Bearcats fan, please pray for Zach Collaros when they play Oklahoma next week. May he live to see the next day. Amen.

PS. Is it just me or does the above photo show someone steeping out? So why was it a TD?

Image:Associated Press/Ethan Hyman