Late Ass Recap Seattle Sounder vs Columbus Crew

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Thank you for stoping by, this is the very first Columbus Crew related post on this blog.
Pulling up to Crew Stadium for Saturday night’s game, I could not say I had a particularly good feeling about the match against the Seattle Sounders. Yet at the same time I cannot say I had much of a bad feeling either. It was a 7:30 game, which meant much cooler temperatures than the last match against Dallas, which was a day game where everyone baked in the sun for 90 minutes.

Our group of people (Cincy Crew) met up in our usual spot where the Crew Union (one of the main three Crew supporter groups) tailgates. Arriving late to the tailgate (a usual practice for us) meant chugging beers as fast as you can all the way until you walk in at the front gate of the stadium and placing the empty containers in the overflowing receptacles. This particular game also happened to be $1 draft beer night (which turns out to be the best part of the evening).

We piled into the NORDECKE (the designated supporters sections for the Crew) and began our usual socializing, singing, and drunken bantering. The next series of events kind of blurred together, but I will attempt to relay them to you in the following order:

1) In line for dollar drafts (limit 2 per transaction)

2) Hat off for singing of the National Anthem

3) Crowd in an excited frenzy and going berserk

4) Garbage goal by Seattle’s Nkufo

5) Crowd in a pissed off frenzy going berserk

6) Beer line (again)

7) Goooalll Seattle

8) Crowd in a pissed off frenzy going berserk

9) Penalty Goal by Seattle

10) Rinse and repeat (crowd), end of first half Crew down 0-3

During half time there was a particular bad buzz in the air. I am not sure whether to attribute this to the large amount of over intoxicated fans that were previously at the OSU football game (and then loaded up on dollar drafts once at the Crew game) or the nice thrashing we were receiving by Seattle. Either way I think the booze began to take its toll. Seattle brought a pretty decent group of supporters and they did a good job getting under our skin. By the beginning of the second half Crew fans (possibly just me) became more concerned with what the Seattle fans were doing than the pathetic performance of our beloved Crew.

Seattle finished the game by adding another goal (which completed a hat trick for Blaise Nkufo, the former FC Twente and Switzerland National striker), making the final 4-0 in their favor. The game could not have ended any sooner. Were it not for the class of a few Crew players that stuck around to thank the fans who cheered until the end, the evening would have left a real sour taste going into Tuesday's CONCACAF game(against Mexican side Santos) and their wanna be Diego Maradonia.

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