Re-Cap Oklahoma Sooners vs Cincinnati Bearcats

Sooners 31
Bearcats 29

I guess Coach Butch Jones said following 31-29 loss to No. 8 Oklahoma: "There are absolutely no moral victories.", but as a fan I think sometimes there can be some moral victories.
After watching the first three games of this season and after seeing how we lost two of those games, this game was surly a pick me up and gave me optimism for the rest of the season.
We played tough, we played fast, for the first time we didn't play like we were nervous and I can appreciate that.
The O-Line gave their QB time to make some throws which was a big improvements over the NC State game.
And what a difference a good running back can make. Isaiah Pead made all kinds of difference in this game, 21 for 169 is no joke. I really think he was the reason the game was so close. That does not mean everyone else on the team does not deserve some sort of credit, but Isaiah Pead make a big difference how we play as a team.
I don't want to take credit away from the Sooners, but I really think the Bearcats lost this game on their own with bad penalties and four turnovers.
We can fault DJ Woods for the two costly mistakes, but the truth is you win as a team and you lose as a team.

DJ Woods is one of our best player, and he just had a bad day, and that kind of stuff happens and I'm confident he will come back strong.

But I think we can only improve from this game, and look on the bright side, the Big East is not so tough. I do not see any team dominating this year, and I can see the Bearcats making a run at the title.

But the one thing I can't ignore or forget is the missed PAT, there is no way anyone should miss a PAT.

But I say have some patience Bearcat fans, things will turn around.

Image via: (AP Photo/Al Behrman)
Stat: ESPN