Bengals - Vikings Re-Cap Week 14

What a crappy week for football fans in Cincinnati, first we have the whole Brian Kelly saga and now we have the Bengals playing like its 2008. Maybe I shouldnt be too hard on the boys but come on, this was a playoff type game. I think the defense played great, even though the Vikings put up 30. What really got me bugging was the offense especially the pass offense, Vikings held Carson Palmer to a season-low 94 yards passing, WTF. I dont wanna give all the credit to Vikings defense, because they didn't do anything spectaural.
I'm sure we can all agree on why we lost this game, especailly the way we lost the game. It was all due to the turnovers and penalties. And it does't help when safety Chris Crocker hurt his ankle in the first quarter and didn't return, and cornerback Johnathan Joseph was hurt in the third. Now we will really see the depth of this team and good of a team this is.
Bengals 10 - Vikings 30