Where Is The Crosstown Shootout

 great read by Paul Daugherty Crosstown Shootout losing luster, but it got me thinking, I haven't even thought about the crosstown shootout this year.  Now I kind of feel bad about it, but in all fairness, UC has been sucking ass for the last 3 or 4 years. Then this year was out of control with local sports, the Bengals are on top of the game, UC football is hotter than  Eva Mendes.
I'm a UC fan by heart, but I'll cheer for X when then are not in a Crosstown Shootout. But this year I haven't even thought about basketball. But thats no excuse for not to remember about one of the best games in the country.

If you all remember James White, here is a video of him going wild in Turkey last year.

And ofcourse can't forget my boy Melvin Levett with one of the best dunks on the Planet, call it off the rafter dunk, the helicopter dunk, what ever you want, but this is sick.