Kids Hate Cops

"Officials with Cincinnati Public Schools canceled the rest of the basketball season at Rees E. Price Academy this week in light of a melee involving as many as 20 students punching and kicking a Cincinnati police officer."news.cincinnati

Now thats what I'm talking about, cancel the rest of the basketball for beating up a cop and trying to take his pistol. East Price Academy school being a predominantly a black school, so I say take away something black kids love, one being basketball. Now don't go calling me a racist, because I'm, but the truth is I'm equally racist to all not just one race; I sometimes even hate my own race. I mean seriously if kids in 7th and 8th grade have nerve and audacity to go confront a police officer especially at school what kind of lessons are they getting at school and home. We all know that Cincinnati Public School system is not the best in the country, but still you have to have some kind of control over your students.