Bengals vs. Lions re-cap Week 13

I'm so happy this is not the BCS, otherwise Bengals would have a hard time making it to the playoffs. Because the Bengals are lacking on style points, excepts for Chads sombrero after the touchdown.
I'm so torn between the wins and the lack execution, I get pissed off when we don't play as efficiently as a  9-3 team needs to play, we keep getting silly penalties and keeps turning it over. But on the other hand we keep getting win. So in the end I guess nothing matter except for the W's.
If anyone can recall the 1st quarter of this game, you know it was a piss poor effort by the offense. I swear Chads got more offside calls than any other wideouts.
Happy to see that Benson is back to his way of pounding away to another 100 yard game.
If anyone is curious about the Bengals record from this year to last year after 12 games here it is, "8-win improvement after 12 games (1-10-1 vs. 9-3) ties '63 Raiders and '99 Colts for best ever turn around."
Bengals 23 -Lions 13