Fun Side Of DUI

"Edward Hudson, 32, was going north on Interstate 71, near the Dana Avenue exit, He was driving 79 miles per hour in the 55 mph zone. He was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and child endangering. He also was charged when police discovered he had multiple driving suspensions. Hudson has had prior OVI convictions, police said. The five children, whose ages were not released, were taken in by relatives." news.cincinnati

It all finally makes sense, Mr. Hudson was just trying to get some adrenaline rush, just like how white people like to get their rush by hang gliding, bungee jumping or sky diving. See unlike white people, what black folks and Latinos like to do is drive around with a 40oz in their lap with a suspended license or smoke some weed while driving with a 40oz with a suspended license and be packing a pistol, now thats extreme.