Watch Out, She Mad

Taneka Myrick was so mad at the father of her child in May she ran over him with her car. Then, she backed up and ran over him again. For that, Myrick, 33, of Highland Heights, Ky., was sent to prison Monday for two years by Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Jody Luebbers. "I didn't intend to hurt him," Myrick said Monday. "I was trying to leave and get away from the circumstances I was in." "You almost killed him," Luebbers said. "You didn't run over him once. You ran over him twice." news.cincinnati

Now thats what I'm talking about, she was there to get the job done right. If you don't succeed the first time, reverse it and try it again. The funny thing is Williams owes Myrick $20,000 in unpaid child support and now the judge ordered her to pay Williams hospital bill which is wroth about $24,366. I think in the end, Mr. Williams came out on top in this confrontation, man I'll let them break couple of my rips if they are willing to erase my student loan.