Bengals - Chiefs Re-Cap Week 16

(Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images)

An ugly game for sure, (53 yards in the half) but the fact is the Cincinnati Bengals are in the playoffs for the second time in 19 years, think about that for a minute. But I'll be honest, I am not thrilled like I was in 2005. I'm not sure what it is, it could be because the last week or so has been hard for the Bengals and their fans or it could be because the Bengals still does not play like a playoff bound team. Through out the week I felt like we only play up to our competitions level, for example last week we take the Chargers to the final minute of the game, and this week we have a hard time getting by the bottom sniffing Chiefs. Is it the players or the Coaching staff and their game planning?
 The more I think about this season as to how it has unfolded, the more I feel like it it was not for Cedric Benson I'm not sure where this team would be. I know the defense has played stellar, but if you are not able to control possession there is no way you are going to win some football games.
In another sad news the Cincinnati rookie  Rey Maualuga  broke his ankle in the first quarter, all that means is it's time for Brandon Johnson to step up his game like he did when Keith Rivers went out.
Bengals 17 - Chiefs 10