Bearcats New Football Coach Is Butch Jones

The Enquirer/Gary Landers
Talk about a Déjà vu, this has be a first in the history of college football. Kelly leaves Central Michigan, Jones take over, Kelly leaves Cincinnati, Jones take over. I really do feel bad for CM, we just keep invading CM for football coaches, but you know what if Jones has the success Kelly or Dantonio had at Cincinnati, you know damn well he's gonna book his flight out of Cincinnati. Yea he might of called this job "one of the premiere positions in the country", give me a damn break, every one and there mama know how this business works. Thats why I wasn't upset or mad when Brian Kelly left. 
But what do piss me off is the morality that is shown by both coaches and the Universities. I'm just wondering why cant they wait till the season is completely over to announces the departing and hiring of coaches. These kids play hard through out the regular season, and what do they get? I know this is a business, and I know the sooner you know who your football coach is, the better it is for recruiting. But I think at the end of the day, these people have to step back and say I'm gonna do the right thing for a change.
Now I wonder what Jeff Quinn is thinking, does he really give a crap about coaching in the Sugar Bowl, especially when you know your just warming up the seat for Butch Jones.