The Bengals Select A.J. Green With Their First Pick In The 2011 NFL Draft

I'm a bit confused with this pick, I'm sure A.J. Green is a great WR. But at the end of the day trading down with Atlanta would have been a smarter pick. Falcons offered their first, second and fourth-round picks this year and a first and fourth next year. To me those are some great pick that doesn't come by too often.
The worst part about it is, that the fucking Browns got the trade with the Falcon, that's just a big slap in the face to the Bengals front office.

Here is what SI said about the Bengals pick.
"Bad organizations make bad draft-day decisions. The Bengals are a bad organization. And they made yet another bad draft-day decision. First-round wide receivers have an incredibly high rate of failure in the NFL. And the team has already tried and failed to win under the mistaken assumption that teams are built around wide receivers. Green is a great talent and could become a big-time NFL wideout. Regardless, the Bengals would have been better served with a stud interior lineman or pass rusher to shore up a defense that ranked 21st against the run (4.43 YPA) and 24th at rushing the passer (sack or INT on 7.95 percent of dropbacks).