Chinese Man Tattoos 'Degrading' On Wife's Face After Accusing Her Of Affair

On the morning of March 30, the couple -- who have two children -- had a particularly bitter row, after which Wei "decided to disfigure Xiaowei. One, is to release his anger, second to make her make her ugly so she will no longer be loved by other men, as to prevent her from having affairs," the site reads.
After cutting his wife's face, Wei rubbed ashes into the injury, tattooing her. The horrific scars are also said to read "cheap" or "lowly," depending on the translation.

Damn Chinese men are so freaking ruthless.
Well Wei, I think you have made your case, now she won't even be thinking about having an affair.
Now the only things she will be thinking about doing is cutting off your dick and feeding it to you.