Barry Bonds Teammates Hated Him

The former “Nasty Boys” Reds reliever tells Fox Sports “Barfly” host/writer Mark Kriegel that Barry Bonds’ Pittsburgh Pirates teammates asked Reds pitchers to throw at Bonds. “When he was with the Pirates, his teammates would come to Norm Charlton and I and say, ‘We’ll give you a steak dinner if you hit him.’

Really? This is shocking.
It's always been 24 teammates, and Barry Bonds.

Remember when Bonds hit his 500th home run, only few people came out to greet him at the plate, it was the Giants bat girl, Bobby Bonds his father and his God father Willy Mays. That was about it, no one gives a shit about this asshole.

No one likes this big headed, self conceited diva. If his own teammates hate him, why should anyone else root for him?