Bolivian President’s Knee Meets Opponent’s Groin

The president of Bolivia was recovering Tuesday from a “friendly” soccer match that saw him suffer a hard kick on the leg from his main political rival -- who was in turn kneed in the groin by the country's leader.Soccer-mad President Evo Morales was leading his MAS party against the rival MSM party in a match in the capital La Paz at the weekend when the president was apparently fouled by opposition leader Daniel Gustavo Cartegena. nypost

Two things never to do at a soccer match.
1) Don't ever mess with soccer hooligans.
2) Don't fuck around with soccer mad president from Bolivia. Not only will he knee you in the privates, he will have you arrested afterwards.
Imagine a Soccer match between a bunch of U.S. politicians where Barack Obama knees John Boehner in the balls. That would be priceless.