Happy ending alleged at Eastgate Mall spa

Four people face prostitution charges in connection with a massage service that operated in Eastgate Mall for more than a year, police said Thursday.
Several undercover police officers visited the Union Township spa to gather evidence, Blankenship said.
Massages cost $10 for 10 minutes, Blankenship said. Customers who wanted inappropriate contact were billed in extra 10-minute increments. All were of Chinese ethnicity. A customer complaint about inappropriate contact and an anonymous tip prompted police to begin investigating in March. Cincinnati.com

Well damn, ain't that a shame. I swear, every time I walked past this spa I had a good feeling about this place. Now I'm just sad that I never went in for a massage.

Why is that 99% of these massage parlors are operated by Chinese people? Do they just love giving happy ending or something? It seems like it's built into every Chinese women's DNA to give a happy ending.
Every time I see a Chinese massage parlor, I'm automatically thinking they give happy endings in there.

But the worst part about this is, who would snitch on this place. That person should be ashamed, just ruining the good times for everyone else. Fuck you and your high morals.