Teasing A Police Dog Is A Crime?

Ryan James Stephens of Mason was charged with that misdemeanor after a police officer said Stephens was "making barking noises and was hissing at the police dog inside of the car," a police report says.
 Officer Bradley Walker was outside the car investigating a car crash at the Mason Pub around 2:30 a.m. Sunday when he said he heard the animal "barking uncontrollably" in response to Stephens' alleged taunting.
"Timber (the dog) responded as trained and started to bark," the officer wrote. Walker alleges that he attempted to confront Stephens but Stephens walked away and ignored commands to stop. The officer said he did ask Stephens why he was harassing the animal, and Stephens replied, "The dog started it."

I honestly don't feel bad for this drunk at all. I just wished the dog would of  have gotten out of the car and chased his ass down and made him his bitch. Is there a worse group of people than drunk people? Even the dog hates drunk people.

This just totally reminds of the scene from Half Baked, when Kenny feeds Buttercup and gets arrested for it.
I mean who knew barking at a dog would get you charged with misdemeanor?

Anyway I don't see this coming out in the favor of the Timber, because Stephens said the dog started it, and how can you refute that claim? It's basically he said, dog said.