Woman gets prison for false rape claim

When Melinda Denham lied about being raped, it resulted in two people being placed behind bars.
On Wednesday, a judge threw Denham into prison for six months. 
Denham, 25, told police she was sleeping at her father’s Blue Ash home Aug. 13 when Hudson, her former boyfriend, came into the bedroom and raped her. Later, though, she wrote a letter to the judge presiding over Hudson’s rape case stating the sex was consensual, that she’d not been raped and wouldn’t testify against Hudson. Hudson could have gone to prison for 30 years on those charges. She said in the Sept. 15 letter that she loved Hudson, 36, and wanted to be with him. Denham is now six months pregnant and Hudson isn’t the father, she previously told the judge.

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This dude is going to have a bad rap for the rest of his life. It's a damn shame.