Big Ten Legends and Leaders Map: What Are They Thinking?

First off everyone can agree the division names are stupid. I mean WTF Big Ten? Who ever was in charge of this needs to fired? Why not Big Ten East and West?
 But my problem is why did they divide the team into these divisions? I think if they just divided up right down the middle it would of have created a balanced division.
Why not have Michigan St.,Michigan, Ohio St., Penn St, Purdue and Indiana in the East and put Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North Western, Illinois and Nebraska in the West.

Unless the thinking is, East would have too many power programs. But I'm telling you having Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska is equally as strong as Michigan, Penn St and Ohio State and as far as Michigan St goes they are only good once every decade.
But the current set up leads to Michigan and Ohio St. crossing the division to keep their rivalry going. But if they are in the same division and if they play each other on the final regular season game to decide who goes to the championship game, now that would be great for Big Ten and great for the rivalry. But since they are in the opposite division there is a chance they could end up playing each other twice in a season. Which to me looses some mystic and flare.
Am I talking out of my ass? Probably. Anyway share your thoughts.