Carolina Panthers vs Cincinnati Bengals Re-Cap 8/25/2011

A nice change of pace from the past two preseason games as the Bengals beat the Panther 24-13. Things seems to be gelling in the third preseason game, which is a much needed welcome to the eyes of many Bengals fans. I'm personally slightly more optimistic about the reminder of the season.

The Good:
The offense looked 100% better against the panthers than it did vs the Jets and Lions. Putting up 24 points in the first half against the Panthers first team defense was a much needed confidence boost for this young team. I also know the Panthers don't have the same kind defense as the Lions or the Jets. But it's ok because this is a new offense, a young offense and I was happy to see the improvement.
The front four seems to put all kinds of pressure on Cam, especially Geno.  He has been playing outstanding since late last season. Few other players on defense also stepped up (Ruckers, M. Johnson).
I'm sure the Panthers have a crappy defense, but the rushing game was on. With having a young offensive team, rushing the ball might be the way to go forward.

The Bad:
Turnovers seems to haunt the Bengals in the preseason. In three preseason games the Bengals have had 8 turnovers and the opponents have scored in seven off them.
The pass defense seems to be a few steps behind the rush defense.

Share your thoughts. What did you guys like and dislike?