BurnoStinko Back With More Dissing

It looks like Burostinko aka White dude from Dayton send me his new video. This time he's dissing everyone.

The best part of this video was him calling Pats owner Robert Kraft a Democrat. What??? Hey, who cares if he's a Democrat he's got one of the best football team since 2000. I'll tell you what. Maybe, Mike Brown should switch and become a Republican, that way the Bengals might turn into a consistent winner.

But honestly Burno, enough with dissing the Pats, how can you diss a team that has three super bowl titles and one of the winningest record in the past decade?

I do agree with you on one thing, Browns sucks, and Cleveland smells like dog shit. (true story).

Anyway, I got one question for you. Why do keep looking our your back shoulder? You in someone else's backyard homie?

One last thing Burno, you keep making videos and keep embarrassing all of Who Dey Nation. Please stop with this nonsense.