Bengals Release Their First Depth Chart Of Preseason

 I don't see any big surprise on the offensive side of things. Ok, maybe a little surprised that Andre "big boy" Smith is the starting RT, since he has been off to such a bad start in Cincinnati. Anyway I hope this year he breaks out of his slump. No brainer with A.J.Green and Jerome Simpson as the starting WR's.

LDE is Robert Geathers? WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT? Did I miss something? I'm not sure what the strategy is because Dunlap had a better season last year than Geathers has had for the past three years.
I'm guessing the Bengals only want a run stopper than a pass rusher. Still feeling a little uneasy about the CB and Safety depth.
And finally what in the world is Peko still doing here? The dude is one of the worst players in the roster. Oh God, help us all.