Rick Reilly Got It Right, Mike Brown Is A Horrible Boss

I'm reading Rick Reilly's Horrible Bosses article and I'm thinking to myself as fans of the Bengals we are stuck in this revolving door of mediocrity and there is no way to escape it. The Bengals have one or two good seasons under Mike Brown for the past twenty years and we ignorant fans forget the other eighteen years didn't happen.

I for one is happy for Carson that he had some guts to walk away from all the money that was coming his way. People who say he let his teammates down are not looking at the big picture. He gave everything he had since he was drafted. But in his eyes and in many of the fans eyes Mike Brown has not done enough to change the attitude, perception, the culture and the loosing mentality around here. I wish we as fans did what Carson did, but as soon as the Bengals have a mediocre season we come rushing back like starving children.

Instead of trading Carson, Mike Brown is holding on to Carson's contract to teach everyone a lesson of you don't walk away from your commitment bullshit. Isn't Mike Brown hurting this team by not trading Carson and getting some future draft picks?

Am I right or am I wrong? Share your thoughts.