USA vs Mexico Friendly Recap 8/10/11

In a half empty stadium on a Wednesday night in Philly a new era in American soccer came to be. But USA came out the way they left at the end of 2011 Gold Cup final. Slow, predictable, uncoordinated and with no lack of urgency. I swear it seemed like Mexico controlled 100% of the possession in the first half. More often than not USA had a 10 man back line going on against the oncoming Mexican pressure.

When I saw the starting back line made of Fiscal and Boca, I was a little afraid. Because Boca had a terriable game in the Gold Cup and the last thing I remember about Fiscal was him getting a red in the Olympics.

So what would Kilnsmann do at half-time to change the pace of the game? Well he brought in Shea, Agudelo and Rogers and they all mad an impact. But it was Agudelo and Shea that had a huge impact. Give Rogers credit for being in the right spot, but those two did the heavy lifting on the goal. In the final 20 mintues Donovan showed he still has that speed.

I like players that like to go forward and I think Klinsman does to and that's why he brought in Agudelo and Shea. When Adu is fit and ready to go, I think the USA will have a solid attacking core.

I will admit as much as I was frustrated with the first half performance the second half put a smile on my face.

Look at the picture above, a clear red card on the Mexican for pulling Rogers down on a clear path to the goal. But as usual, no matter the opponent or the venue the US always gets screwed.

There are some players that proved they can play at this level. Given enough time, I think Klinsmann can have a positive impact on the game.
I will leave you with this thought. As soon as Bradley Jr. went off USA gained possession...Is that coincidence?