Bengals vs Lions Preseason Recap 8/12/11

I started writing this post half way through the fourth quarter. Honestly what's the point of a fourth quarter in a preseason game? So lets get to it. The Bengals got beat by the Lions 34-3. These preseason games are more important than it has every been because of missed practices due to the lockout.

The good:
So lets just look at the first half of the game. I'm sure no one predicted Andy Dalton's first pass in the NFL was going to be an INT. But, as he took more snaps he looked more comfortable. Dalton went 11 of 15 with 69 yards and 1 INT. Green also looked good out there. Just wish he would of have fought for the ball in that first interception.

The bad:
The defense didn't look good. Especially the front four, they didn't seem to get any kind of pressure on anyone of the Lions Qb's. It's kind of surprising because most of the time they dropped back to pass. I'm telling you Peko and Geathers needs to go. I have been repeating that same message for the past year and a half.
Also, the CB's look bad out there. I know it's only been a few weeks since they started to practice together. But right now it doesn't look good.

Overall Impression:
Need depth at the DB positions. The front four on defense needs to get better. Ray Maualuga's move to the middle looked good, because  he was all over the field making plays. I still feel the same about Dalton and Green as I did before this game. I think both will have pretty good season this year. Lets hope the next preseason game is better than tonight's.