Wealthy duchess gives fortune away to marry

The Duchess of Alba, 85, is giving it all away so she can marry the man she loves. The duchess's six children were dubious about their mother's plans to marry Alfonso Diez, a civil servant who is 24 years younger. To help assuage their fears that the love may not be genuine, the duchess is going to give her fortune to her children. According to an article from the BBC, the duchess's six children had been against the wedding. Earlier this year, the duchess remarked, "Alfonso doesn't want anything. All he wants is me." Yahoo 

When I saw that picture I shivered a little. What? She's worth 5 Billion? Damn she looks good.
But lets get to the point. So she gave away all her money to her children to prove that her and Alfonso love is real. It's all good an all but has anyone asked Alfonso about this? If there is a one place you don't want to be right now, it is where Alfonso is. That poor guys is stuck somewhere harder than a rock and a hard place. No way out.
Also a memo to Alfonso, this old bag has out lived her two previous husbands and I'm pretty sure she will out live your ass.
Good luck.