Cincinnati Bengals vs New York Jets Re-cap 8/21/2011

Second pre-season game and I have seen some improvements and some things that stayed the same.

The Good:
The defense was much better this time around compared when they played against Detroit. Especially considering how the offense put the defense in some difficult situations. The front four seemed to put more pressure on the opposing QB than last week. I might have gained some more confidence in the first unit offense. Dalton looked more improved and composed than previous week. Reggie Nelson played a fantastic game and that's good news because the Bengals need help in the safety position. Don't want to say Huber had a good game, but he did.

The Bad:
Turnovers on Offense continues to be a weakness and a problem. No matter how good or bad of a team you have, if you continue to make costly turnovers, you won't be able to win in this league. 17 points of 3 turnovers was scored before the beginning of the 4th quarter.
Bruce Gradkowski (is that how you spell his fucking name?) he had a terrible game. Hope he gets cut tomorrow. Wish I had not watched the second half of the game.

What does everyone think? Share your thoughts.