White Bank Robber Fools Cops With Black Guy Mask Again

"This time, authorities are sure they have the right man in a string of robberies committed earlier this year. That’s because Conrad Zdzierak admitted to them and because he wasn’t wearing a life-like mask that led his victims to believe the man robbing them wasn’t a white man from Poland but a black man. Zdzierak was found out when his girlfriend, staying with him in a Springdale hotel, saw reports of the robberies moments before she went into the bathroom and saw two masks and, in the sink, money that was stained with dye used by banks to try to foil robberies. She called police." news.cincinnati

I kind of feel bad for the black community, they just can't catch a break. Getting accused for shit they didn't even do (for once).

Hey Conrad, (if that's your real name), not enough black people in Poland to pull this shit off?

Can't believe you got turned in by your own baby mama, karma is a bitch Conrad.