Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs Cincinnati Bearcats

Rutgers -38
Cincinnati - 69

Wow what a first half by the UC, the Bearcats playing some PlayStation football out there. First half alone Bearcats put up 7 touchdowns and 416 yards. But the young defense still gave up 3 touchdowns and 259 yards to a shitty team.
This was the offense all the Bearcats faithfull was looking forward to from the beginning of the season. But it might be little too late, oh well we have something to look forward to next season.
When Rutgers scored on its first play from scrimmage, I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. But thank God the Bearcats responded with their own offense.
Well the second half was not much kinder to the Scarlet Knights. Either way this win, this style of play, this type of production was overdue. Zach Collaras being efficient and making plays with his arms and his legs, Isaiah Pead racking up touchdowns like Mario collecting coins.
I thought Rutgers' defense would contain the Bearcats offense that had put up a mere 17 points total in the last two games. Instead the Bearcats went back to being the Bearcats of previous two years with quick strike, spread offense that totaled 661 yards and 10 touchdowns.

But lets look on the bad side of a good night, the offense covered up a poor effort by the defense. The young defense still gave up 392 yards to a freshman QB on a bad offensive team. But I do have to give credit to Brandon Mills and the rest of the defensive line for stopping the run and putting pressure on the QB and getting couple of sacks through out the night.
I also have to give credit to receiver Mark Harrison, who had an unreal game, too, catching 10 passes for 240 yards and four touchdowns.
Lets all collectively keep our fingers crossed for the Bearcats to win out their remaining games and become bowl eligible.
Stat: ESPN