Chad Dukes Don't Have Shit On Us

OK Chad Dukes, we get it, your Redskins got their ass handed to them on national television and you pay $30 for parking tickets. We get the that Shanahan is not making good decisions, and we get that Haynesworth was doing the worm for no reason. But get a hold of your self  man, the Washington Redskins are not the Detroit Lions, the Cleveland Browns or my beloved Cincinnati Bengals.
Think about this Dukes, your beloved Redskins have won super bowl three times in the last 30 years, 1983 (XVII), 1988 (XXII), 1992 (XXVI). So please shut it. At least your idiot owner is willing to do anything to win you guys a championship. He brings in a Superbowl winning coach, he also bring in a QB that has been to the Superbowl once and to the NFC title game five times. If Daniel Snyder could buy a Superbowl he would of have done it years ago. So slow down on your ranting and raving, until you become a Lions, Browns or Bengals die hard fan you don't know what real suffering is.